'Bravo Zulu' Volume 2 to be released soon

Published on LEUT Tony White (author)

Topic(s): Naval Heritage and History

Naval historian and author Mr Ian Pfennigwerth in his study, finalising 'Bravo Zulu' Volume 2. (photo: Unknown)
Naval historian and author Mr Ian Pfennigwerth in his study, finalising 'Bravo Zulu' Volume 2.

A former Commanding Officer of HMAS Perth (II) is planning to release the second volume of his publication ‘Bravo Zulu’ later this year.

Ian Pfennigwerth is a recognised military historian with eight published books. He is also a former Royal Australian Navy officer who spent the final 12 years of his military career as an Intelligence Officer. One of his books, ‘Bravo Zulu’ Volume 1, told the story of more than 3600 Australian naval honours and awards recipients from 1900 to 1974.

The second volume of 'Bravo Zulu', scheduled for release in October 2018, traces the history and significant events in Australia’s Navy from 1975 to the RAN’s Centennial year of 2014.

According to Ian, the history is told over 900 pages through the stories of Navy men and women selected to receive honours and awards.

“It covers the Navy’s response to the call to arms for the 1991 Gulf War and Navy’s involvement since that time in enforcing UN sanctions on Iraq and the 2003 Iraq War. 

“Some people are surprised to know that many Navy personnel served in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“One entire chapter describes the RAN’s crucial role in the 1999-2000 UN operation to bring peace to East Timor,” said Ian.

This most recent volume also features moving stories of the efforts of RAN ships and their crews to safeguard people intercepted at sea and naval support for peacekeeping across the South Pacific region.

Both volumes of ‘Bravo Zulu’ are concerned with telling the stories of the people who were either recipients of awards or those who served alongside them.

More so than Volume 1, this latest instalment will include stories of recipients who are still serving and those recently retired.

The book is scheduled for release in October and discounted pre-release orders are available through the author’s website at www.nautilushistory.com.au.