Navy Community Engagement prepares for the year ahead

Published on LEUT Anthony Martin (author and photographer)

Topic(s): Charities, Fundraising & Community

The Navy Community Engagement Conference took place in the Command Building at HMAS Harman, ACT. (photo: LEUT Anthony Martin)
The Navy Community Engagement Conference took place in the Command Building at HMAS Harman, ACT.

The Navy Community Engagement Program (NCEP) is designed to improve the Australian community's knowledge and understanding of Navy’s role, people, capability and day to day activities. There is particular focus on providing members of the community with the opportunity to meet with Navy personnel and learn about what they do and what life in the Navy is like.

The Navy Community Engagement (NCE) teams operate in each state and are staffed by active reserve personnel who ensure engagement with the local community with events covering a broad spectrum from local festivals, school fetes and regional celebrations to major activities like Avalon International Airshow and the Australia Surf Lifesaving Carnival.

This year the NCE regional coordinators from each location have gathered for a National Conference to prepare strategies for the year ahead, discuss lessons learnt and new techniques. The NCE teams meet with marketing and media experts and attend briefings on Navy policy, directives and future capability. Experiences are shared amongst the group and collaboration is a dominant theme driving resource and knowledge management.

Lieutenant David Dawes, Manager Navy Community Engagement has used this year’s conference to introduce new staff to the wider NCE group, obtain firsthand information from senior leadership on expectations and understand the importance their role plays in promoting Navy to the wider community. “We have some excellent people with a wealth of experience to share with the Australian community,” said LEUT Dawes.

The NCE teams have various resources available to them to support community engagement operations across the country. Along with marquees, banners and marketing information, NCE has four Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats (RHIB) available for static display, one each in Queensland, Victoria, South Australia and the ACT.

For further information visit the Navy Daily website and select the Community tab