Take note – Navy trial underway

Published on CMDR Chloe Griggs (author), LSIS Helen Frank (author and photographer)

Location(s): Fleet Base East

Topic(s): Fleet Base East, Culture, HMAS Canberra (L02), New Generation Navy (NGN), Science, Technology & Innovation

Members of HMAS Canberra's ship's company using the new Navy notebooks. (photo: LSIS Helen Frank)
Members of HMAS Canberra's ship's company using the new Navy notebooks.
Navy’s sailors and officers have a new and improved war-fighting tool in the form of the humble pocket notebook with important information at the fingertips, saving time and effort.
An initial run of 2,000 notebooks is being ‘sea tested’ across the Fleet as part of a micro-innovation initiative.
While this is a digital age, often the simplest solutions are the best and for life-at-sea the pocket-sized notebook is king when computers are often in short supply.
Including sections that allow members to personalise critical information about their ship, department and duties, there are ‘ready reckoners’ for risk assessment, briefing activities and dealing with hazards.
One of the project team is Warrant Officer Boatswain Andrew Freame who said feedback from the trial will guide future direction and production.
“This is just the kind of innovation that changes the way we think and behave. Our mission and our capability can only be improved through an individual’s positive behaviour,” he said.
Not only providing time-critical information, the notebook also includes reminders on how to maintain mental and physical fitness to perform well in the maritime environment.
“We’ve included pages about building and maintaining resilience, handy numbers for support services, reinforcing that our people need to take care of themselves and each other to keep fit to fight,” Warrant Officer Freame said.
One of the ships to test the notebook is HMAS Canberra.
Leading Seaman Electronics Technician Jonathan Verran has used the notebook for more than a month and said it was helping him think about routine tasks slightly differently.
“I now use it all the time,” Leading Seaman Verran said.
“The size is really handy and I like the extra information it comes with.”
With Navy personnel saving time across the Fleet through not having to stop activities to retrieve information, the aim of the project is to deliver incremental efficiencies that will keep people on task to deliver capability for Navy.