Pipe dream now a reality

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A member of the United States Navy puts the Rapid Response Clamp to the test. (photo: Unknown)
A member of the United States Navy puts the Rapid Response Clamp to the test.

A simple-to-use clamp, designed by the Defence Science and Technology Group in conjunction with Navy, provides one of the fastest methods available for the rapid repair of high pressure pipes.
The Rapid Response Clamp, licensed to South Australian company Valley Precise Global, is able to stem flows from a damaged pipe up to six times faster than previous systems.
Rigorous testing by Australian, US, Canadian and Malaysian navies showed that in many cases repairs took less than 60 seconds.
Valley Precise Global CEO and Chief Engineer Grant Tinneys said the rapid response system had benefits beyond speed.
“The real beauty of the clamp is its ease of use,” Mr Tinneys said.
“It spans a wide diameter range, can be applied by one person, is reusable, requires far less training to operate, and requires no additional tools or consumables.”
While originally developed for use in naval combat vessels, the technology now has a range of applications in the energy, mining, merchant marine, chemical and food industries.
“International interest in the clamp has been very positive,” Mr Tinneys said.
With stock codes for the clamp now available in the Defence stock system, it’s possible it will become a fixture on Australian naval vessels in the near future.