Navy Daily exceeds 49,000 visits in first six weeks

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Google Analytics map of Visits by City to the Navy Daily website. (photo: n/a)
Google Analytics map of Visits by City to the Navy Daily website.

Since the website was launched on July 3, Navy Daily has gone from strength to strength, having clocked up 49,600 visits in its first six weeks.

Web traffic analysis figures delivered by Google Analytics have quantified the success of Navy’s new news website in its first six weeks of operation. Most surprising is the unexpected locations from which these visitors accessed Navy Daily, and the mediums they used to access the site.

The site received an average of 1500 visits per day, with a peak on July 11, which experienced 2400 visits. On that day the site carried a strong suite of stories including the return of HMAS Stuart, the commissioning of 808 Squadron, the announcement of HMAS Daring’s participation in the upcoming International Fleet Review (IFR), coverage of HMAS Newcastle's activities in the Middle East Area of Operations (MEAO) and an article on the Armidale Class Patrol Boat crew Attack Six.

Australian visitors were the clear majority with 16,857 coming from Sydney. Meanwhile 7337 people visited the site from Melbourne, 5886 from Brisbane, 3534 from Perth, 2978 from Canberra, 2226 from Adelaide and 553 from Hobart.

The International visitor statistics were particularly interesting. London - with 408 visitors - was beaten by Jacksonville, Florida, where NUSQN 725 is learning the ropes on the new MH60-R helicopters with the US Navy. The 468 visits from Jacksonville proved that a website which delivers regular news stories in a format that can be accessed on Defence and public networks, is of value to our personnel (and their families) who are serving overseas. The site also had visitors from Singapore, New Zealand, Spain, the United Arab Emirates, Japan, Beverley Hills, New York and at least one visitor from Kazakhstan!

From the original concept, some significant pre-launch work was done to build the website in such a way that it would be accessible from a variety of platforms, and available to people deployed around the globe in seagoing vessels. While just over half of the visitors used their desktop computers to access the site during the first six weeks, 43 % (13,593 visitors) used a mobile phone or a tablet. Of the mobile users, Apple was the clear winner with the iPhone and iPad coming in first and second with a combined total of more than 10,000 or 75% of all mobile users.

Much of the site’s traffic arrived at Navy Daily via a search engine or from the main Navy website ( A significant number of users also clicked through to Navy Daily from a social media page, with just over 50% accessing the site through a link on Navy's Facebook page and another 9% directed to the site by clicking on a Twitter link.

The Google Analytics statistics show that there has been a promising response to Navy Daily from the Defence Community, the Australian public, international followers and the media, since the site was launched six weeks ago. The Navy Daily editorial team will continue to strive to deliver timely, relevant and accurate new stories which cover the activities and achievements of the Royal Australian Navy and its people. Navy Daily encourages Navy Fleet Units, Establishments, People, and others within the Defence community to make regular submissions and 'tell their stories' on

Google Analytics chart of Visits by City to the Navy Daily website.

Google Analytics chart of Visits by City to the Navy Daily website.