Sirius breaks records

Published on LEUT Christopher Harvey (author)

Topic(s): HMAS Sirius (A266), Exercise TALISMAN SABRE, Replenishment at Sea (RAS)

HMAS Sirius conducts Underway Replenishment with USS Bonhomme Richard.

HMAS Sirius conducts Underway Replenishment with USS Bonhomme Richard.

HMAS Sirius has concluded her participation in Exercise TALISMAN SABRE 2013 (TS13). The Exercise, held every two years, is the largest combined air, land and sea military training exercise regularly undertaken by the ADF and forces from the United States. These combined exercises aim to improve training and the ability of the ADF and United States military to operate with each other.

The key role of Sirius during TS13 was to provide support to afloat capability by way of Replenishment At Sea (RAS) to both RAN and US ships. Given her ability to come alongside more confined berths where the US ships cannot, Sirius was called upon to RAS not just smaller frigates but also US replenishment vessels.

According to Sirius Commanding Officer, CMDR Brian Delamont, of particular note was the largest single RAS recorded in RAN history. In one continuous RAS taking 12 hours, Sirius passed 10,000 cubic metres of fuel to USNS Yukon beating the previous 8000 cubic metre record held by HMAS Westralia. Interestingly Sirius crew members LEUT Shane Suckling, POMT Ben Ladner, and CPOB Shane Jones were involved in both RASs.

“We have achieved some impressive stats, but it was the great attitude and professionalism of ship’s company, particularly in the early hours of the morning, that counted most,” said CMDR Delamont.

In the first 48 hours after the commencement of Exercise TALISMAN SABRE, HMAS Sirius conducted Underway Replenishments with USS Bonhomme Richard, USNS Charles Drew, USS Antietam and USNS Yukon.

Sirius will only require a single refuelling of own bunkers during her three month deployment which included Exercise TALISMAN SABRE, and will return from the final 60 day period underway above minimum reserves of fuel and food.