Easter message from Navy's Head Chaplain

Published on PCHA Collin Acton (author), Mr Jay Cronan (photographer)

Topic(s): Chaplaincy

Director-General Chaplaincy Navy, PCHA Collin Acton. (photo: Jay Cronan)
Director-General Chaplaincy Navy, PCHA Collin Acton.
As the weekend passes and many in Navy are sailing away from their families and loved ones to support Australia’s interests, let’s take time to reflect on our lives and the challenges before us.
There is a book on my shelf called ‘Voices from the Edge of Eternity’ compiled by John Myers. Morbidly, it captures the last words of many famous people throughout time. I suppose one may think that if someone had some words of wisdom to pass on that would be the time to speak them. If you were to thumb through the pages your eyes would catch names like Napoleon Bonaparte, Thomas A. Edison, Henry the VIII and Charles Darwin. I found myself wondering whose would I like to read… Whose would be the most enlightening? Then I came to the books last entry and it was the dying words of Jesus Christ.
‘As Jesus hung on the cross little was said aside from committing his mother to one of the disciples for personal care and forgiving one of the dying thieves who was crucified with him. However, after several hours, he suddenly cried with a loud voice, “My God, my God – why has thou forsaken me?”
Then, knowing that all things were now accomplished… he said, "It is finished!" And with that amazing victor’s cry, bowed his head and dismissed his spirit. (page 246)'
Finished? Forsaken? This moment in time is considered by Christians as the most decisive turning point for all creation. For followers of Jesus, his death is not forgotten and his work in them is certainly not finished. It is because of his dying love for us, and his Father's desire that no one should perish without the hope of eternal life, that we seek to know Jesus and his teachings.
For believers, the journey is never finished and we are never forgotten or alone. Jesus rose from death on Easter morning to change the course of humankind forever.
Let us remember who we are, why we are here, that we are loved and part of a community of likeminded people working together to make the world a better place.
May you and yours have a safe, peace filled Easter weekend.
God bless.