Amphibious Adelaide comes to Jervis Bay

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Location(s): Jervis Bay, Australia

HMAS Adelaide sails into Jervis Bay.  (photo: Mr Todd Sweeney)
HMAS Adelaide sails into Jervis Bay.

Residents and visitors to Jervis Bay over the school holidays will have the opportunity to see the Royal Australian Navy’s newest and largest warship.

HMAS Adelaide is in the Bay until 22 April to conduct training to provide humanitarian aid and disaster relief, readying her for missions like that recently completed by her sister ship, HMAS Canberra.

Canberra has just returned to Australia after spending a month in Fiji assisting locals rebuild after the nation was devastated by a cyclone in February.

Adelaide Commanding Officer, Captain Paul Mandziy, said the crew were undertaking routine training but visitors to the region during the school holiday period might find it a bit unusual.

“Besides the presence of Adelaide in the bay, there will be very little extra impact on people’s lives, it will be business as usual,” said Captain Mandziy, who grew up on the NSW South Coast before joining the Navy 34 years ago. 

“Beecroft Peninsula will remain open to the public but we will need to close small sections of Target and Long Beaches on occasions to practice beach landings, an essential part of humanitarian aid and disaster relief training.” 

Captain Mandziy said Navy had worked with local government and environment leaders to ensure the training had minimal impact on residents, holidaymakers and the surrounds. 

Maintaining Navy’s strong community and environmental stewardship is important for ongoing co-habitation of Jervis Bay, he said.

“The Royal Australian Navy’s links to Jervis Bay date back to its establishment in 1911. Known as the cradle of the Navy, Jervis Bay has been the home of the Naval College for Officers since 1913 and remains an important training ground for the country’s warships,” he said.

Adelaide provides the Australian Defence Force with one of the most capable air-land-sea amphibious deployment systems in the world. This is a new capability for us and to optimise the use of this impressive ship requires significant effort in training the crew members who bring the ship to life through skilful and professional execution of their tasks.”