Wollongong's on Resolute mission for Anzac Day

This article has photo gallery Published on LEUT Des Paroz (author), ABIS Kayla Hayes (photographer)

Topic(s): Operation RESOLUTE, Anzac Day

Sub Lieutenant Rhys Worboys on the bridge wing of HMAS Wollongong as they sail across the Arafeura Sea. (photo: ABIS Kayla Hayes)
Sub Lieutenant Rhys Worboys on the bridge wing of HMAS Wollongong as they sail across the Arafeura Sea.

On Anzac Day current serving members on operations can reflect on their part in the ongoing story of the Australian nation; such as the ship's company of HMAS Wollongong, who are among more than 2,240 Australian Defence Force members currently deployed.

The Armidale class patrol boat is assigned to Operation RESOLUTE as part of the whole of government effort to detect and deter illegal activities in Australian waters. 

Trainee Maritime Warfare Officer Sub Lieutenant Rhys Worboys, has a special connection to the commemorations but is on his way to writing his own chapter.

“My great grandfather was among the ANZAC forces who landed at Gallipoli 101 years ago,” Sub Lieutenant Worboys said.

“Fortunately he survived Gallipoli – unlike some 7,000 who perished there – and I am proud to be able to remember him and his compatriots on Anzac Day.”

Leading Seaman Maritime Logistics – Chef Lisa Russell also recognised the sacrifices of those who have gone before.

“I also had a great grandfather at Gallipoli, although he served with the British Army,” Leading Seaman Russell said.

“Although Anzac Day is important for the people of Australia and New Zealand, we also have to remember the sacrifices made by other Commonwealth militaries who fought alongside, and indeed the people of Turkey, defending their homeland.”

 crew commemorated Anzac Day with a Dawn Service on the ship’s quarterdeck, including some reflective readings by the Commanding Officer Lieutenant Commander Scott Wilson and other members of ship’s company.

“More than 102,000 Australians have died in conflict, so we will pause to remember their sacrifice, and that of all Australian Defence members.

“It is also a time for all of us on operations to think of the sacrifices of our family, partners and friends who endure so many hardships in our absence.

“But it is a working day for us – we will pause only briefly, maybe enjoying a game of ‘two-up’ and some Anzac biscuits, before continuing on with our maritime security patrols as part of Operation RESOLUTE,” Lieutenant Commander Wilson said.