Commendation recognises innovation work

Published on Ms Dallas McMaugh (author), Jeff Chartier (photographer)

Location(s): HMAS Albatross, NSW

Topic(s): Fleet Air Arm, Honours, Awards and Trophies

Commander Fleet Air Arm, Commodore Vince Di Pietro presents LEUT Evan Burton with his commendation. (photo: Jeff Chartier)
Commander Fleet Air Arm, Commodore Vince Di Pietro presents LEUT Evan Burton with his commendation.

Commander Fleet Air Arm, Commodore Vince Di Pietro has presented LEUT Evan Burton with a commendation for his tireless work in implementing into Fleet Air Arm Service a computer software system that manages aircrew and flying operations for Navy and Army.

The Patriot Excalibur (PEX) software was developed by the United States Air Force where it is now in place with almost every flying unit. It has been modified for ADF use and is known locally as AusPEX.

LEUT Burton visited the US in early 2008 to evaluate the software for the Navy and Army and it has become an increasing important part of his duties ever since.

He said there have been a few challenges along the way.

“First has been to try and keep pace with the system. It has proven incredibly useful to Command and we are constantly upgrading it with new features and capabilities," LEUT Burton said.

“These new capabilities have had to be defined, developed, tested, training packages have been compiled and then the upgrades rolled out. The other challenge has been to envisage and co-ordinate the current and future needs of our various users, and then deliver the required capability in a timely manner. Each helicopter squadron has different needs and operates their aircraft in a different way.”

LEUT Burton’s commendation described him as an “Officer of unique dedication” and in summary said:

LEUT Burton is an information technology savvy Officer whose dedication to his responsibilities promote Navy Values, culture and signature behaviours. As such, he is recognised as a critical member of the Fleet Air Arm who has continually displayed excellent achievement in the application of specialist skills and devotion to duty. The success in the Navy AusPEX introduction and ongoing use can be attributed to LEUT Burton’s singular efforts and outstanding competence, judgment, and commonsense.

LEUT Burton said he was “quite humbled and surprised” by the Commendation.

“I believe that the effort involved and time I put in are just  part of serving our country,” he said.