Totally teamwork for Moreton

Published on LSCD Regan Kidd (author), CPO Mick Barrett (photographer)

Topic(s): HMAS Moreton, Physical Training (PT)

Ships Company of HMAS Moreton proudly displaying the new unit PT Shirt. (photo: Unknown)
Ships Company of HMAS Moreton proudly displaying the new unit PT Shirt.

Navy life is all about teamwork, and the folk at Brisbane base HMAS Moreton have ensured that looking like a team translates directly into action.

Needing a new Moreton physical training shirt; the Command sought a collaborative approach, seeking submissions from across the region.

Of the six designs, it came down to a photo finish between two. Commanding Officer Moreton Commander Mark McConnell officially tallied the polls and it came down to one vote determining the winner.

The winning design was from Able Seaman Maritime Logisitcs Personnel Operations Karen Palmer and was created with a view to promote unity, espirit de corps, fitness and wellbeing. 

Moreton took a holistic approach inviting those at regional outstations and working with Defence contractors such as Defence Force Recruiting (Brisbane), Defence Force School of Intelligence, Defence Force School of Signals, Army Aviation Training Centre, Airbus, Fleet Battle Staff and 1st Intelligence Battalion to show their true Moreton crew colours, bringing Navy people together and building a strong Navy ethos in South East Queensland.

Shirts in hand, the teamwork translated to action with physical training sessions every Wednesday and Friday from Navy legend, Chief Petty Officer Physical Training Instructor June Cunningham.

Regular adventure training activities are also planned throughout the year, providing the ship’s company of the small base plenty of opportunity to build resilience whilst having some fun.

Chief Petty Officer Maritime Logisitcs Personnel Operations Craig Grundy said that the simple act of getting the shirts had given a common purpose.

“The new Moreton shirt really brings us together as a unified team,” he said.

More than 40 Navy personnel were able to display the new uniform as they climbed the gruelling grade four tracks up the Toowoomba Table Top Mountain recently, proving that a tight knit team can achieve great things.