Navy on target at shooting championships

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Location(s): Wagga Wagga, New South Wales

Topic(s): Shooting

A vintage Miroku under and over 12 gauge shotgun at Wagga Wagga Club, NSW. (photo: LSIS Jayson Tufrey)
A vintage Miroku under and over 12 gauge shotgun at Wagga Wagga Club, NSW.

Navy had some individual stand-out performances at the Australian Defence Force Clay Target Association championships held at Wagga Wagga Gun Club in October.
Sailors, soldiers and airmen from across the country converged to compete in the three disciplines – down the line (DTL), skeet and sporting – to be named top shot, and claim a spot in the combined services side competing at the national titles in 2017.
The Navy team managed a close second place, trailing Army by only six points in the sporting event.
Backing up his efforts from last year after winning almost every event, Petty Officer Aviation Technician Aircraft Steve Atkins competed again this year, decimating the field in the skeet championships. 
Petty Officer Atkins won the 25 pair doubles and 100 target championship, securing the skeet-high gun title and cementing his place in the combined services skeet team, along with Warrant Officer Electronic Warfare Dennis Walsh, who also qualified for the combined services sporting team. 
Petty Officer Atkins had to leave the event prematurely to attend the national Sporting FITASC (Fédération Internationale de Tir aux Armes Sportives de Chasse) championships, no doubt to the secret joy of the other competitors.
Unfortunately, this meant the much anticipated head-to-head clash between Chief Petty Officer Aviation Technician Aircraft Mick Bryan and Petty Officer Atkins did not eventuate. 
Chief Petty Officer Bryan represented Navy in this triservice event by doing what he does best – smashing clays.
He won the 25 pair double rise and the 50 target point score, securing him a place in the combined service trap team. He went on to win the overall trap-high gun award and placed first in A grade 100 target sporting championship.
These results earned him the Navy Carnival-high gun title, and a close second on the overall carnival-high gun standings to Army’s Craftsman Ramsay Fish.
Chief Petty Officer Bryan said he was happy with the way his week went.
“My highlights were taking all the titles I did, and I was especially pleased with the way I have improved with the skeet discipline,” he said.
“I made the trap combined services team and I am looking forward to the upcoming nationals to see if I can make the Mackintosh team, which is the top 25 for Australia – that is my ultimate goal. 
“As one of the main event organisers here, the running of the competition can play on your mind while you are shooting – you need to learn to ignore that and focus on the event at hand.”
Lieutenant Glenn Blizzard remained consistent in winning various events, and Warrant Officer Dennis Walsh did well across all three disciplines, too.
The next events on the calendar are the Australian National Trap Championships, where Chief Petty Officer Bryan will join Air Force and Army competitors in the combined five-man services team, scheduled to take place in March 25 in Wagga Wagga. 
Membership in the Clay Target association is available to all serving members of the Australian Clay Target Association. 
Event 1 50 TGT Skeet Handicap Championship

4th Overall CPO Mick Bryan 116/127
5th Overall WO Dennis Walsh 101/110
Event 2 25 Pair Skeet Doubles Championship

Overall PO Steve Atkins 46/50
1st C Grade WO Dennis Walsh 45/50
Event 3 100 TGT Skeet Championship

Overall PO Steve Atkins 98/100
1st C Grade WO Dennis Walsh 91/100
2nd C Grade LEUT Glenn Blizzard 89/100
Skeet Highgun

Overall Highgun PO Steve Atkins 190/200
C Grade Highgun WO Dennis Walsh 185/200
Event 4 25 Pair Double Rise Championship

Overall CPO Mick Bryan 45/50
1st A Grade LEUT Glenn Blizzard 43/50
Event 6 50 TGT Double Barrel Championship

2nd A Grade LEUT Glenn Blizzard 104/106
1st C Grade LSATA Mark Haughton 81/83
Event 7 50 TGT Point Score Championship

Overall CPO Mick Bryan N150/153
Event 8 50 TGT Single Barrel Championship

1st A Grade LEUT Glen Blizzard 47/51
Event 9 Champion of Champions Championship

2nd AA Grade CPO Mick Bryan 120/125
1st A Grade LEUT Glenn Blizzard 96/100
1st C Grade ABATA Brad Elliott 92/100
2nd C Grade LSATA Geoffrey Hayes 85/100
3RD C Grade LS Mark Haughton 84/100
Trap Highgun

Overall Highgun CPO Mick Bryan 429/450

A Grade Highgun LEUT Glen Blizzard 415/450
Event 10 100 TGT Sporting Clays Championship

1st AA/A Grade CPO Mick Bryan 75/100
3rd B Grade WO Dennis Walsh 79/100