FSU-AUST sets the standard

Published on LEUT Kate Mathias (author), LSET Mark Orrin (photographer)

FSU-NE Personnel Taking on NEW Work Safe Commitment. (photo: LSET Mark Orrin)
FSU-NE Personnel Taking on NEW Work Safe Commitment.

When FIMA was renamed FSU, the newly appointed General Manager, Mr Jason Aquilina, was looking to drive positive change in a number of key areas, including team building, communication and safety.

“I want every member of my organisation to know that we are a new organisation, focused on safe and professional delivery of key maintenance services in support of Navy’s capability. We all have a role to play in living up to the new safety culture, because the standard you walk past is the standard you set,” said Mr Aquilina.

As part of the team building activities, and in line with the NGN directive to drive decision making down, teams of Leading Seaman within FSU-NE were tasked with identifying an area in which they themselves could drive improvements to the workplace conditions and end product.

“This approach encourages the sailors to take ownership of issues and drive change for the benefit of all – and it is reaping benefits,” said Mr Aquilina.

Communication improvements have seen better promotion of FSU’s “Vision and Mission” which are now proudly displayed on large posters in common areas throughout FSU-NE. Future plans include the fitting of large flat screen “smart” TVs in the foyer and administration areas to facilitate broadcast of safety messages, details of events, as well as a dynamic avenue to showcase the work of FSU-NE personnel.

Similarly, for FSU-NE Regional Manager, LCDR Les Crawford, the focus is very much on instilling a culture of safety first. The placement of large safety signage reinforces the need for constant vigilance in maintaining safety in the workplace. The implementation of a daily safety forum provides an opportunity for any member to provide feedback on an incident or suggest an initiative to improve safety.

As a team, FSU-NE personnel are pushing forward, promoting the new culture of “the standard you walk past is the standard you set” and the General Manager  “couldn’t be prouder” of his people.