Navy Values photography competition seeks entries

Published on LS Matthew Witney (author), LSIS Kayla Jackson (photographer)

Topic(s): New Generation Navy (NGN)

An example of how an image may be used for the Navy values graphics. (photo: LSIS Kayla Jackson)
An example of how an image may be used for the Navy values graphics.

New Generation Navy is holding a photography competition in order to identify the most appropriate images for the soon to be updated Navy Values posters. Navy members are encouraged to submit their entries within the next two weeks, with the deadline for submissions being Friday, 25th May.

Selected images will be recognised with a $100 gift voucher, but more importantly, photographers will have played a real part in refreshing the Navy Values images currently displayed throughout all our ships and establishments.

“This is a great chance to allow all Navy members the opportunity to help generate and improve the communication of our values," said NGN Director Commander Mark Sirois.

“It is an excellent opportunity for our people to participate in a very practical sense. Winners can expect to see their images printed and extensively displayed, reflecting their particular interpretation of what they believe truly epitomises the meaning behind each value”.

Aligning with the Navy core values, the images represent:

A. Honour. Pride and dignity we feel when we serve our country.

B. Honesty. Being true to ourselves and our shipmates.

C. Courage. Stepping up to new challenges and overcoming fear.

D. Integrity. Being responsible and accountable for your actions.

E. Loyalty. Commitment to our team and our country.

Multiple entries from individuals will be accepted and it is not necessary to submit a photo for every value. It is also acceptable to submit photographs which have been taken before the announcement of this competition. Each entry should be accompanied by a short description (25–50 words) on how your image connects with the Navy Value.

There are some technical parameters. Image quality specifications require a minimum resolution of 300ppi, 10 inches on the longest side, and a minimum of 1.5 megapixels in jpeg format.

The competition is open to all Navy personnel. Entries should be emailed to with the subject heading Navy Values Photo Competition – rank, surname, PMKeyS.

New Generation Navy point of contact is Leading Seaman Mathew Witney on (02) 6265 5068.