New powerboat for TS Darwin

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Cadets from TS Darwin with their new powerboat. (photo: )
Cadets from TS Darwin with their new powerboat.

The Australian Navy Cadets Training Ship TS Darwin was recently fortunate to receive a brand new powerboat from the department of Defence.

The Attack Flotilla Commander, Navy Cadets Lieutenant Commander Alan Knights called Training Ship Commanding Officer, Navy Cadets Lieutenant Jane Reptik on 27 May to give her the good news.

The boat was delivered to the unit the next day.

The cadets were very excited about their new boat and quickly re-arranged the boat shed to accommodate it.

The vessel doubles the number of operational powerboats at the unit and will therefore enable more cadets to undergo their powerboating certifications.

Prior to the delivery, the cadets at TS Darwin hadn’t conducted on water activities for three years because they didn’t have enough operational power vessels. 

That will change as soon as the new propeller guard is fitted, with the cadets planning to get out onto the water to earn their Sailing 1 and 2 Certificates.

The naming ceremony will be held in August – with the new boat to be named Phoenix after the symbolic bird adopted as a symbol by both HMAS Darwin and TS Darwin.

The unit’s second boat, which has recently been repaired, will also feature in the naming ceremony and will be named Arrow after HMAS Arrow, which sunk at Stokes Hill Wharf during Cyclone Tracy in 1974.

Training Ship Commander, Navy Cadets Lieutenant Jane Reptik said the delivery was a nice surprise.

“We were very surprised to be given a new boat.

“When I first took over command of the unit in August last year, the cadets had not been on the water in Darwin for years, although some were fortunate to attend camps in other states to learn sailing and powerboating,” she said.

“One of our powerboats was quickly repaired and we commenced our first power boat handling course in March this year.

“The cadet numbers are growing rapidly at the unit, so it very difficult to have over 30 cadets learning skills in one powerboat.

“The additional vessel will enable all cadets to commence their yachting Australia powerboating & sailing certificates - not to mention have a whole heap of fun on the water!” Cadets Lieutenant Reptik said.

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