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Bronwyn Dzirins, Navy Canteens Creswell Canteen Supervisor and Jerry Lissing, Navy Canteens National Operations Manager. (photo: Unknown)
Bronwyn Dzirins, Navy Canteens Creswell Canteen Supervisor and Jerry Lissing, Navy Canteens National Operations Manager.

The very first Navy Canteens ‘Excellence in Customer Service’ medallion has been presented to Bronwyn Dzirins, Canteen Supervisor at the HMAS Creswell Canteen, at the Jervis Bay base.
Ms Dzirins’s commitment to customer service and professionalism is well known locally, and now has wider recognition.
During spikes in canteen traffic resulting from large groups descending, particularly during conferences, large courses and events, Ms Dzirins is reknown for her efficiency and polite manner regardless of how many customers are waiting to order a coffee, hot lunch or merchandise from the canteen.
Her positive attitude and efforts were recognised by customers which was the catalyst for the award.
Lieutenant Nicole Sorlie said she was particularly impressed.
“Consistent with Bronwyn's professional approach, she serves everyone in a timely manner, accommodates requests as best she can and goes above and beyond to keep her customers satisfied,” she said.

“This is particularly impressive when often she is by herself!”
Ms Dzirins started at the HMAS Albatross Canteen in 2008 (prior to Navy Canteens’ take over of the operation in 2012).

She has been serving Navy members for almost a decade and was appointed the Canteen Supervisor at the Creswell Canteen in 2014.
A second ‘Excellence in Customer Service’ medallion has been awarded to Martin Hieber, Navy Canteens Executive Chef.
The catalyst for the award was a letter received from Commander of the Fleet Air Arm, Commodore Chris Smallhorn who said he was “astonished at the level of artisanship” Mr Hieber displayed at the Fleet Air Arm leadership group dinner on 6 March.
The officers praised the presentation and the flavours at the dinner and the professionalism shown by Mr Hieber and the team created the perfect atmosphere for the evening.
Chef Hieber’s culinary skills and experience as a chef has raised the bar for Navy Canteens. Navy Canteens has catered for a range of functions from morning teas to leadership dinners and functions.
Navy Canteens is the Royal Australian Navy’s welfare organisation. Its purpose is to generate funds and create lifestyle benefits to enhance the welfare of serving Australian Naval personnel.

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