Warramunga supports children’s cancer research

Published on LEUT Patrick Collins (author), LCDR David Knight (photographer)

Topic(s): Charities, Fundraising & Community, HMAS Warramunga (F152)

Children's Cancer Institute Diamond Ball Tour onboard HMAS Warramunga (photo: LCDR David Knight)
Children's Cancer Institute Diamond Ball Tour onboard HMAS Warramunga

On 16 December HMAS Warramunga hosted a luncheon in support of cancer research. The opportunity to attend an exclusive tour and luncheon was auctioned at the Children's Cancer Institute Diamond Ball in August. The Institute is committed to putting an end to Childhood Cancer, and the Diamond Ball is a significant fundraising activity that has been held every year for the last 20 years.

The guests, Mr Bradan Wyhoon (prize winner), Mr Michael Forrest, Mr Philip Bart and Mr Paul Bettar were given a tour of the ship by the Commanding Officer, Commander Andrew Willis.

"It was great to showcase Warramunga in support of such a truly meaningful cause," Commander Willis said.

During their personalised tour, the guests met a number of the crew from all departments who explained their role in Warramunga. The guests gained an appreciation for just how sophisticated Warramunga is and how many people it takes to put her to sea and especially enjoyed seeing the small arms that Warramunga carries.

The luncheon was held in the Commanding Officer’s cabin on completion of the tour. The guests were treated to gold standard hospitality including the Warramunga tasting plate, boasting courses such as salt and pepper crocodile, grilled scallops and seared kangaroo. The guests enjoyed their VIP service and not even a torrential downpour could dampen their spirits.