Homeward bound for Hobart’s Scott Oram

Published on LEUT Ryan Zerbe (author), ABIS Craig Walton (photographer)

Topic(s): Guided Missile Destroyer (AWD), HMAS Hobart (D39)

Chief Petty Officer Maritime Logistics - Chef Scott Oram in the galley of guided missile destroyer HMAS Hobart. (photo: ABIS Craig Walton)
Chief Petty Officer Maritime Logistics - Chef Scott Oram in the galley of guided missile destroyer HMAS Hobart.
Hobart native Chief Petty Officer Chef Scott Oram will return home in a way befitting the city’s nautical tradition and his own career in the Navy.
Originally from coastal Lauderdale, Scott is the senior chef onboard HMAS Hobart. He says he is excited to be a part of ship’s company as Navy’s newest ship makes the first ever visit to her namesake city.
“I joined the Navy in the year 2000 which is the last year that a ship named Hobart was a part of the fleet”, he said.
Chief Petty Officer Oram has previously served in HMA Ships Darwin, Diamantina, Stuart and Sydney and now manages a team of seven chefs providing more than 800 meals a day to HMAS Hobart’s crew.
“Returning home and marching through the city as a part of the new HMAS Hobart will be a very special feeling”.
With Australia’s southernmost capital known for its world-class produce, Chief Petty Officer Oram is looking forward to sourcing the best fresh food locally on offer to incorporate into menus for his shipmates.
“I’ll be sourcing Tasmanian cheese and seafood for the crew on our transit back to Sydney”, he said.
“My team and I are also excited to test our skills as chefs with local produce for a function with local dignitaries while we’re in Hobart.”
While his wife, children, parents and sister live in Hobart full-time, his life as a sailor means he must take opportunities to spend time together whenever possible.
“I’m based at Fleet Base East in Sydney and we’ll be a at sea for a large part of this year so seeing them during our port visit is important.”
HMAS Hobart’s visit this weekend marks the first time a ship carrying the name has visited Hobart in almost 18 years.
Plenty of celebratory activities are planned. The ship will take centre place as the flagship during the 2018 Hobart Regatta, participate in a Freedom of Entry March through the city to Town Hall and open its hatches to the public during an open day event.
HMAS Hobart is the first of three new guided missile destroyers for the Royal Australian Navy and the third ship to carry the name.