Navy News celebrates its past and looks to the future

Published on Ms Sharon Palmer (author)

Navy News in paper and electronic form, displaying its versatility.  (photo: Unknown)
Navy News in paper and electronic form, displaying its versatility.

In 1958, Robert Menzies was Prime Minister of Australia, Elvis Presley joined the US Army, Anzac Day received Royal Assent making it a public holiday in Australia and the official newspaper of the Royal Australian Navy, Navy News, was born.

The first edition of Navy News was published on 18 July 1958 and was received with gusto by all involved in the Royal Australian Navy.

Now, the views of today’s sailors are sought as the paper looks to the future.

The Service Newspapers’ Readership Survey seeks information from anyone who has ever read Navy News and the other two Australian Defence Force publications, Army News and Air Force News.

Navy News first addition front page from 18 July 1958.

Navy News first addition front page from 18 July 1958.

The survey collects information on who is reading the newspapers, what is of most interest to them, how the papers could be improved and how readers would like to access the newspapers in future. This will allow the editors to better align the newspapers to reader preferences in content and accessibility.

Warrant Officer - Navy, Warrant Officer Martin Holzberger encouraged sailors to participate in the survey to help shape the future for Navy News.

“The newspaper lets us see what our people are doing on deployments, operations or at home. It also provides important information on the various policy changes that impact us and our families,” Warrant Officer Holzberger said.

“With all the emerging technologies vying for our attention, here is your opportunity to have a say in what you would like to see in your newspaper.”

The original managing editor of Navy News was Bill Calbeck-Moore who was described as a war correspondent in WWII with General Macarthur’s South West Pacific Command.

The publication was introduced is a 'down-to-earth newspaper for everyone in the RAN … officer, rating, WRAN and civilian employee … and the members of their families' and urged all involved in those capacities to contribute to ensure its success.

Over the past 56 years, Navy News has covered the good times and painful times - ranging from commissionings, decommissionings, anniversaries, deployments, the expansion of our Fleet and bases, accidents and natural disasters. Historic editions of Navy News are available on the Navy website at

It has been published every fortnight since 1958 and has continued to provide personnel, veterans, media and interested parties information on all things related to the Royal Australian Navy and the Australian Defence Force In keeping the YOUR paper focus, Navy News is encouraging all readers to participate in its survey. To participate, go to